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PCO, no periods, acne, hair loss, constipation, bloating, poor memory, poor concentration, short temper, fatigue…


Once, that was my reality. I suffered from all of this, but why? I ate all the right things and did all the right exercising. What was wrong, then?


The symptoms were signals from my body. My body tried to tell me that something was wrong. And it was so right!


My “healthy” lifestyle was anything but healthy. I strived for perfection, perfect health and perfect looks – all in an attempt to control my life, my emotions and fears. But it made me forget to listen to my body, to its needs and to myself. It literally killed my happiness. It made me unhealthy and gave me all of the above symptoms…


It all began at the age of 15 when my father got sick from cancer and at 19 I lost him. Anxiousness, fear, uncertainty, heartbreak and sorrow filled me up. I was not able to handle all these emotions and feelings. I started to control all of this with ‘super-healthy’ diet and training. It did give me a feeling of some sort of stability and something to hold on to. It didn’t take long, though, until the unhealthy symptoms started. Hair loss, no periods, breakouts, anger… I didn’t understand because I was “so healthy”…


Well. I had to turn 23 until I finally started listening to my body. I realized how my ‘healthy lifestyle’ locked up all the emotions inside of me, like a big black stone in the center of my stomach. I realized how stressful it was. I realized how it took away my happiness.


The cure was: Happiness!


Today I’ve let go. Today, I listen to my body. I listen to its needs. I listen to myself.

My life is about love, no fear. My life is about joy, no control.

I now know how to nurture my mind, my spirit and body. I fuel myself with organic, nutritious food, love, dreams, mindfulness, self-care, treats and everything and everyone that makes me happy. 


I’m happy. I’m healthy. I no longer suffer from ANY of the above symptoms. I’m bursting with energy and love to my life, and to all of myself. Happiness feels damn incredible!


I want to help you get happy healthy too! I want to help you get that big and beautiful smile on your face. My mission is to help you live the life of your dreams! I want to share my experience and my knowledge so you can get happy healthy too. You deserve it. We all do.


Professional bio

Studying Psychology, Master’s degree

Holds a Bachelor of Psychology

Mindfulness Practitioner, educated at Mindfulness Akademiet

The health world is constantly evolving and I am always learning something new. I read, talk to inspirational people and I’m always searching for more knowledge.